A Personal Wellness Leadership Program For Women

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ZenLeader Dr. Jodi

A Personal Wellness Leadership Program For Women

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Women, You Can Have It All

  • Leadership Roles
  • Broken Glass Ceilings
  • A Seat at the C-Suite Table
  • A Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health
  • A Feeling of Calm and Peace at Work

Our holistic, skill development, and performance-focused leadership program for women shows you how.


Women Leaders Empowered


Teams Supported


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Zen Women Get Results

Paradigm shift alert: To be successful, you don’t need to sacrifice your personal wellness. In fact, for sustained success, you need to develop your inner wellness.

When we operate from a place of chaos, we live scrambled, disjointed lives at home and at work. We can’t be our best selves, and so we can’t lead our teams to greatness.

When we calm the chaos within, we can see business problems more clearly, understand ourselves and our teams better, and get results. We build sustainable models for success, overcome burnout, and move up the ranks.

It’s hard to be a woman in business. But with the right skills, knowledge, and tools, women can lead themselves and their teams to peak performance.

Our leadership program for women nurtures the mind, body, and spirit while increasing your organization’s bottom line.

How We Can Work Together


Tailor-made classroom courses designed to address the specific needs and challenges of your team.


1:1 and group coaching programs to navigate career progression, deepen self-understanding, and maintain work-life balance.


Immersive workshops that connect your team to themselves, each other, and the company.


Custom-written talks on subjects ranging from upward career transitions to inspiring your staff.

“I have been coached by Dr. Jodi for almost a year now. We connected every Monday which is perfect for getting through challenges throughout the week! She is empowering, understanding, and takes time to listen to my concerns. I have been on a journey of discovery for a while now but ever since I started my sessions with Jodi I have seen a significant difference in how I navigate my business.”


Meet Jodi

Founder of The U School and ZenLeader, Dr. Jodi Ashbrook is a serial entrepreneur, trailblazing visionary, best-selling author, Breakthrough Coach, dynamic keynote speaker, and pioneering educator, who has become an iconic figure for transformative personal and professional growth.

With an unwavering passion for transforming lives, Dr. Ashbrook’s mission is to empower and inspire others to realize their fullest potential, overcome life’s challenges, and achieve personal as well as professional fulfillment.

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