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Success Stories

Jodi was my manager/coach for 2 years. My conversations with Jodi would always leave me motivated and feeling better than when the conversation started. I always told her she could “talk me off the cliff.” Jodi gives you advice and things that you can work on to make you even better. She would make me feel empowered to make change or empowered to do my job rather than just telling me what to do. Even when Jodi wasn’t my direct manager anymore I sought her out for coaching. It was very valuable in developing my career. She is one of the best coaches I’ve had in my career.

– Kim, Florida

I have had the pleasure of having Jodi as a mentor since 2012. Her approach to coaching is so powerful, you are guaranteed to part from a one on one feeling on fire and ready to conquer life. She has a unique approach in which she helps individuals understand what is holding them back on a deeper level. This understanding empowers one to overcome fear, set goals, and make a plan to achieve them. I always loved having my one on one time with Jodi because it is not often you meet with someone who listens so intently. She truly cares about your success, and you leave her with feelings of clarity, optimism, and excitement.

– Kalyn R., Rhode Island

“The work we did together helped me to not only complete a leadership program but allowed me to be confident and competent in a team lead position which was a position I gained after the work we did together. Jodi’s ability to lead and teach others to lead was uncanny. She really catered to what I would need to reach my goals.”

– Christine, Ohio

I have been coached by Dr. Jodi for almost a year now. We connected every Monday which is perfect for getting through challenges throughout the week! She is empowering, understanding, and takes time to listen to my concerns. I have been on a journey of discovery for a while now but ever since I started my sessions with Jodi I have seen a significant difference in how I navigate my business.

– Jennifer, Illinois

Before meeting Dr. Jodi, I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling to find balance between my career and personal well-being. The program provided me with the tools and guidance to find balance between home and business.

– Emily, Arizona
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